Hi, I'm Tracy (a.k.a... the Little Red Hen in the Valley). Tracy Bjork I have two beautiful daughters (chicks) and one loving, supportive husband (rooster). The valley that I call home is located near New London, Minnesota. I make hand-crafted, painted, word art signs.  What, you ask, does the little red hen have to do with making signs... absolutely nothing.  It only refers to the story line of the book The Little Red Hen where all the farm animals are much too busy to take part in the steps of making the bread but when all the hard work is over, they all come running , wanting their share of the bread.  In my situation, I don't mean actual bread... I mean bread as in the green stuff with dollar ($$) signs on it.

I offer decorative, hand painted, word art signs that can also be customized/personalized to meet your specific needs.  You just need to contact me with those requests.  All of my signs are made: painted, distressed and lacquered, on plywood material, with a prong hanger on the back, leaving them ready to display.  Since every sign is made by hand, there may be slight differences from one to another, however every effort is made to ensure they are as close to the example as possible.  You have the choice of having your sign made out of 3/4" material or 1 5/8" box style.  All of the picture frames are 1 15/16" box style frames.

Wood signs, painted signs, word art signs, personalized signs, customized signs, wedding signs, anniversary signs, decorative signs, typography, vintage signs, box signs, picture frames

Since all of my products are made to order, it takes 7-10 days to ship your item.  If you need a rush order, don't hesitate in letting me know, typically this can be accommodated. 


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